Top inspirations for porch and balcony

Home interior design trends: Top inspirations for porch and balcony in 2023

Although life has partially returned to normal following the pandemic, it’s impact on our homes, lifestyles, and porch and balcony work remains a perpetual topic of discussion, and this trend continues into 2023.

The 70s Revival

The resurgence of the 1970s aesthetic is making a profound impact on interior design in 2023, and this trend extends seamlessly to porch and balcony work. Warm and inviting colors such as shades of brown, gold, and red, like clay, honey, or paprika, form the foundation of this design resurgence. These hues create a cozy and welcoming atmosphere, perfect for outdoor spaces meant for relaxation and socializing.

Alongside this color palette, playful shapes, and vibrant tones inject a sense of interest and character into your home’s exterior, setting the stage for a happy and enjoyable environment. Embracing this design trend allows you to create outdoor spaces that not only evoke a sense of nostalgia but also provide a welcoming and comfortable retreat for you and your guests, making your porch and balcony areas truly delightful extensions of your home’s interior.

Top inspirations for porch and balcony: The 70s revival
Top inspirations for porch and balcony: The 70s revival

Comfortcore of your porch and balcony

The Comfortcore trend, which emphasizes stylish furniture, inviting textures, round shapes, and soft colors, has found its way into porch and balcony work, enhancing the comfort and appeal of outdoor spaces. In practice, this trend centers around the extensive use of warm neutrals, creating a sense of coziness and hospitality for your porch and balcony areas. The resurgence of minimalism is more refined and home-focused than in the past, and it complements porch and balcony work beautifully. This refined approach places particular emphasis on warm wood tones and the incorporation of natural textures, ensuring that outdoor spaces exude simplicity and cleanliness while remaining comfortable and inviting.

Top inspirations for porch and balcony: Comfortcore of your porch and balcony
Top inspirations for porch and balcony: Comfortcore of your porch and balcony

Painted Borders

Incorporating painted borders is a versatile and creative technique that can significantly enhance the architectural elements in your home, adding depth and character to various spaces, including porch and balcony areas. This method encompasses a range of painting techniques, including color blocking and stenciling, offering homeowners the opportunity to accentuate unique architectural features such as alcoves, high ceilings, and cornices, or even discreetly disguise less appealing elements like radiators in their outdoor spaces.

Whether you choose to match the border color with the walls to create a sense of depth or opt for a contrasting hue to achieve a cozier ambiance, this technique allows you to infuse your indoor and outdoor areas with creativity, personality, and a touch of inspiration for your porch and balcony work.

Top inspirations for porch and balcony: Painted Borders
Top inspirations for porch and balcony: Painted Borders


The heritage trend, which initially gained prominence in kitchens, has expanded its influence to encompass various aspects of home design. This trend is characterized by the incorporation of traditional patterns like bold stripes and ticking, herringbone flooring, wall paneling, needed glass accessories, and decorative elements. It brings a sense of timeless charm and elegance to your porch and balcony, creating a cohesive design that seamlessly connects indoor and outdoor areas.

The color palettes associated with the heritage trend evoke a delightful vintage feel, featuring shades like mustard yellows, vibrant postbox reds, deep blacks, and serene sage greens, making it an enduring choice that exudes sophistication and character. If you are planning porch and balcony work, use this trend to create an inviting decor.

Top inspirations for porch and balcony: Heritage
Top inspirations for porch and balcony: Heritage

Sunset vibe

Anticipated color trends for 2023 are characterized by a soothing and tranquil palette, reminiscent of the serene colors found in a calming sunset. These color choices speak to a broader desire for living spaces that extend beyond mere visual aesthetics. Sunset hues aim to evoke emotions of comfort and harmony, perfectly aligning with the prevailing trends in interior design for the year. Consider shades of dusky pink, fiery orange, golden yellow, and indigo, which evoke a dreamy California sky at twilight. As these colors deliver a generous dose of warmth to interior spaces, they present exciting and versatile possibilities for porch and balcony work, creating inviting and emotionally satisfying outdoor areas.

Top inspirations for porch and balcony: Sunset vibe
Top inspirations for porch and balcony: Sunset vibe

Determine where you intend to apply your chosen color scheme

This decision significantly impacts the overall ambiance of the room, so it’s crucial to consider the desired outcome. Selecting lighter hues for your walls can establish an open and visually spacious feeling, while opting for dark and rich colors that can evoke a sense of drama and coziness. When paired with creamy whites or warm neutrals, a muted blue shade can seamlessly fit into any area of your home.

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